Premium Select Institutes for Education Loan

We are thrilled to unveil a Premium Loan Product for Overseas Education Loan.

Applicants and students meeting specific criteria will experience a seamless loan processing experience with no subjectivity.

Criteria for Eligibility:
– Degree: Post Graduate Courses
– Course: Science / Technology / Engineering / Mathematics (STEM) / MBA – Full Time (or equivalent Management degree)
– Bureau Score: CIBIL Score >=750 / 0 / -1

Salient Features for Eligible Applicants:
– Unsecured Loan Amount: Up to `10.0 million
– Moratorium: Full Moratorium
– Margin: Nil Margin
– Financial Co-applicant Requirement: NO Financial Co-applicant requirement (Co-applicant for Contact-ability purposes shall be taken)

With these exclusive offerings, we are confident in providing the best possible support to students pursuing education at renowned Universities.

Submit Application at #AdmitWorldwide for –
1. 24hrs Login
2. 3-4 days Approval
3. Digital Process

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Premium Select Institutes for Education Loan

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